Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BS in Health Care

This is not an error.

This is a new medical blog.

A new dog, with old tricks.

What will you learn here? Inside stuff from the medical wold. Stuff you never heard before. Original material born from the wound of 30 years in health care; from the pen of a primary survivor and someone who knows it all.

I almost certainly don't care what you think, so don't respond. Don't write me idiot screeds; I'm not listening--because I don't care. Why?

Maybe I'm just writing to hear myself think. Maybe I don't want to have to scratch to get you off my neck -- maybe because the opponents of my views have long had their own outlets, all of which are slave-savants to the accepted creed of HEALTH CARE CRISIS: the uninterrupted voicing of which has finally achieved self-fulfillment; because, I'll tell you now, we've got a full-fuelin' HCC raging on the rails of a California train line, right through a red light.

Anyway, you can't know more about what it is I write; and, if you do? You know it wrong. So, you can tune in just to hear a different view or see a new slant...because I have a BS in Health Care.

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